Jennifer LangUnlike most writers I know and admire, I hated high school English so much I majored in something obscure and avoided it altogether in college. A voracious reader, I couldn’t understand how to compose sentences that complied with all the grammar rules or sounded smart when writing essays.

After college, while working as a bilingual assistant for an international nonprofit in Paris, something clicked. Everything I wrote in English—letters, communiques, speeches, presentations—flowed. I’ve been writing in some form or another ever since. 

In 2005, I enrolled in a Creative Nonfiction class at Hudson Valley Writers’ Center in Sleepy Hollow, New York. In 2016, I received a MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Thank you to Douglas Glover, Pat Madden, Barbara Hurd, and Connie Mae Fowler for guiding me along a fascinating journey. 

American-born, French by marriage, and Israeli by choice, I write mostly about my divided self. My stories have appeared in Ascent, Assay, The Citron Review, Hippocampus Magazine, and Dumped: Stories of Women Unfriending Women, among others. Many thanks to the editors at Under the Sun for nominating “Things Lost, Things Found” for a Pushcart Prize and Best American Essays in 2016. Since relocating to Israel, I’ve contributed to the Wall Street Journal’s expat column, served as Editorial Fellow at Proximity Magazine and currently serve as Senior Associate CNF Editor at The Flexible Persona. 

Most days, I can be found in my home office, focusing on and fretting over every word in my upcoming memoir of a complex marriage. When not writing, I am usually teaching either writing or yoga. I adore seeing students experience aha moments in both mind and body.